At the office of Robert D. Moores, DDS, we are proud of our office, staff, and results. We have many different treatment options to take care of your family’s needs. We are a family dental practice, which means we are comfortable servicing all members of your household. In fact, Dr. Moores can help you with almost any dental problem you have.

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Our team has fully embraced technology at our Paradise, CA dentist office, and our patients are benefitting every single day.

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The ladies here are incredible when it comes to making our patients comfortable and reassuring them that, no, it doesn't have to hurt. As far as comfort goes, we can offer blankets. We offer props to hold your mouth open so you're not straining. We have hot towels afterwards to freshen up your face. We offer coffee, hot tea, fruit juices, water. Just a lot of little things to help people feel comfortable and at home.

To be a patient at Robert D. Moores, DDS is to be a member of our dental family. When you enter our office, you will feel welcomed, comfortable, and respected. Dr. Moores takes the time to listen to your thoughts and concerns and works meticulously to ensure that you receive the absolute best outcome for your smile.

Our team members are here to walk alongside you, help you feel at ease, and offer excellent information to help you improve your smile. In addition to that, our staff will be there to offer you a complimentary beverage, blankets, a pillow, and even a hot towel when your appointment is complete.

There isn’t another office like ours anywhere in the world. Robert D. Moores, DDS is here to help your family find the personalized, compassionate care you’ve been searching for.

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