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When you look at people's smiles you're not just looking at the teeth, you're looking at gums. Sometimes the gums are overgrown, sometimes they are too long just naturally. There is what the Greeks call a golden proportion, an ideal ratio of how long the tooth is to how wide it is. Sometimes you can improve people's smiles just be re-contouring the gums to achieve that golden proportion.

If you are embarrassed by the volume of gums showing in your smile, it may be time to consider gummy smile treatment. You will notice a huge improvement in the look of your smile as soon as you leave our office. Call Dr. Moores at (530) 413-7002 to set up a cosmetic dentistry consultation or appointment to our Gum Reshaping and Gummy Smile Treatment Paradise, CA area.

Reshaping your gums has never been this easy. We use a state-of-the-art dental laser to ensure precise shaping with minimal discomfort. The laser reduces the amount of pain you would feel following a traditional gum reshaping (done with metal instruments) and promotes quick healing!

Know the Benefits of Gum Reshaping

There are two main benefits to be gained by gum reshaping: cosmetic and health.

Understand the Procedure

The first step is to determine if gummy smile treatment is best for you. Dr. Moores will evaluate the health of your gums and make a recommendation. If your situation is an advanced case, Dr. Moores may refer you to a periodontic specialist to perform the procedure.

For many cases, Dr. Moores is able to remove the excess tissue right here in the comfort of our dental office. With the dental laser, you will experience:

Treating Gum Recession

If you are experiencing tooth sensitivity, you may have gum recession. This can be a genetic condition or it can be a result of gum infection. It is important to repair your damaged gums, but we will not attempt that in the office. Dr. Moores can determine if you need to be concerned about gum recession or gummy smile treatment during your routine dental cleaning or dental exam. He will then send you to a periodontic specialist for treatment.

Call (530) 413-7002 or use our convenient online form to schedule a gum reshaping and gummy smile treatment Paradise, CA area with Dr. Moores. He will ensure that you have the healthy, aesthetically pleasing gums you want.

If you have any questions about how we can help with your dental care, or to make a new appointment, call us today at 530-413-7002 or fill out our online form.

We look forward to speaking with you! (530) 413-7002 Make An Appointment Online

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