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Why Dental Veneers Are Great For Impatient People

Do you have problems with your smile but don’t want to wait forever to get them fixed? Call our Paradise, California dental office today at 530-413-7002 and schedule your appointment for dental veneers. With Dr. Moores’ training and expertise, you can have an amazing smile in no time.

Dental Veneers Can Improve Your Smile And Your Life

Dental veneers are thin shells shaped to look like healthy version of your teeth. Dr. Moores artfully bonds them with the front of your teeth. Instantly, damage and unsightly problems are hidden behind a tough but beautiful facade.

However, you gain more than just a great smile with dental veneers:

  • You can look more professional at work and get noticed.
  • Your self-esteem can grow stronger, helping you meet new people.
  • You won’t feel like hiding your smile, helping you laugh and enjoy life.

That’s why you should call our Paradise, CA dental office today and schedule an appointment for dental veneers. The benefits go well beyond just having a nice smile.

Instant Results For People Who Cannot Wait

As soon as they are placed on your teeth, dental veneers do their job. If you’re impatient or need results fast, here’s what veneers can do for you specifically.

– Hide and seal up damage like cracks and chipped enamel.

Your teeth are supposed to be whole and look smooth. If you have cracks or chips in your enamel, your teeth look beat up instead. A bigger problem is how such damage can get worse over time. That small crack can grow large enough to threaten the whole tooth.

By calling us today at 530-413-7002, you can get dental veneers to both hide and seal up damaged teeth. They will prevent damage from getting worse over time. Veneers will also give you a bright, healthy-looking smile thanks to Dr. Moores expertise and training.

– Replace dark stains with a healthy, white shade.

Over the years, it’s easy for your teeth to lose their white shade. Coffee, wine, tobacco, and more can leave stains behind that turn your smile dark and dingy. Teeth whitening can help, but you can also have deep stains that cannot be lifted.

Call us today to make an appointment for dental veneers. Once Dr. Moores artfully places these on your teeth, all stains (regular or deep) are completely hidden. It will look like you had teeth whitening treatments for weeks.

– Cover over irregular and worn edges of your teeth.

Your teeth can get a bit damaged simply by using them so often. Enamel is tough, but all that grinding and smashing together that comes with chewing can wear down your edges. Some people are also just born with teeth that have irregular bumps and dings on the edges.

That’s why you need to call our Paradise, California dental office today for dental veneers. Although they are thin, veneers are very durable. Dr. Moores will use this practical experience and advanced training to places your veneers just right. This way, they will cover irregular and worn edges so your smile looks fantastic very quickly.

– Hide small gaps between your teeth.

Even if you had braces when you were younger, your teeth never fully stop moving. It’s possible that you have small gaps between your teeth by now. Given how white your teeth should be, such gaps are easy to spot and look out of place.

Dr. Moores can make your dental veneers just a bit long in spots. Once placed on your teeth, veneers can cover over small gaps. Instantly, your smile will look tight and healthy.

Call us TODAY at 530-413-7002 and schedule your next appointment for dental veneers. Dr. Moores trains at the prestigious Las Vegas Institute and takes continuing education each year. This hones his skill and keeps him sharp. With his help, your smile can be instantly better thanks to dental veneers.



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