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Why Being Older Is The Perfect Time For Cosmetic Dentistry

When you think of braces, you probably think of high school. It’s true that, for many Americans, middle or high school is when they get their first orthodontic treatment so their smiles can look great. But just because you may have gotten some work done when you were younger does not mean it’s a young person’s game. And when you consider that there’s a whole world of cosmetic dentistry treatments to make your smile look better, you can start to see why many adults are getting work done on their teeth.

Why Younger Is Not Better

When it come to cosmetic dentistry, there are definitely good reasons why being younger can actually make it the wrong time for such treatments.

For a lot of younger patients, getting some cosmetic treatments is pointless because the teeth are still moving. For example, a dental veneer can cover over any small gaps between your teeth. If you get a veneer placed and then the teeth shift slightly, that gap could be visible again. Patients need to make sure their adult teeth have come in completely, which is also why braces cannot be used too early. The same is true for many cosmetic dentistry treatments.

Wisdom teeth can also be an issue. When these third molars come in, they can push your teeth out of alignment even if you had braces when you were younger. It’s usually better to wait until your wisdom teeth have either completely come in or have been taken care of with a tooth extraction.

To be honest, many young people have not matured and can be a bit irresponsible. How often did you clean your room and do all of your chores when you were young? For some cosmetic dentistry treatments, you need to follow up with regular care. Teeth whitening take-home trays, for example, need to be used regularly in a specific way. Skipping treatments or not reading the directions fully can mess up the treatment, and while there are many responsible young people, the risk of skipping something is much higher in that age group.

Why Older Is Definitely Better

You can see that being younger can actually hinder cosmetic dentistry treatments from being truly effective. But there are also some very good reasons why being older means you are a perfect fit for some cosmetic treatments.

Except in some rare cases, adults have teeth that are not moving anymore. The permanent teeth are fully in, and the wisdom teeth have either been removed or came in nicely. In other words, your smile is stable now. That means it’s the perfect time to begin working on making it look dazzling, white, and beautiful.

By now, you are much more mature than you were as a child or teenager. You can pay your bills, take care of your home, and do all of the adult things that aren’t necessarily great fun but still need to be done. That means you are going to be much more likely to follow through with treatments correctly. You know yourself, so you know how to remind yourself to use those take-home teeth whitening trays. You also know the importance of following directions, meaning treatments are probably going to be more effective and could even last longer.

With all of the major life events that happen when you’re older (getting married, baby showers, graduations, class reunions, and so on), you have many more reasons when you are older to get cosmetic dentistry treatments. Yes, younger people can be more focused on their looks. High school is notorious for being cruel to people who look different. But it’s not like adults will never talk about you behind your back because you have a snaggletooth or yellow teeth. Plus, all of these big events that tend to happen when you’re older often come with lots and lots of pictures. You know, the kind that will get printed and hung on a wall, so everyone can see your bad teeth at every family Christmas party.

Cosmetic dentistry is also something you can afford now. Younger people are usually just starting out in their careers, so they have to focus on rent, student loan payments, and a lot of times, just getting by. Things are usually more settled when you’re older, meaning you can better plan and pay for your cosmetic treatments.

At our dental office in Paradise, CA, Dr. Moores offers a lot of different cosmetic treatments so your smile can look its best. And now that you are older and more mature, you are ready for them. Call us today at 530-413-7002 to schedule your next appointment or ask any questions you may have about cosmetic dentistry.



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