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Relieving Dental Anxiety In Paradise, California Is Easy



Are you afraid of the dentist? It’s OK if you are. Dental anxiety is a very real condition and it is nothing to be ashamed of. All too often, however, it keeps good folks like you from taking the steps necessary to properly look after their oral health.


That’s why, at our Paradise, CA dentist’s office, we have invested heavily in the tools, training, and technology that will make it easier for you to come in and be treated without any pain or unpleasantness.


Just so you know, Dr. Moores is trained to administer dental sedation, but that is just part of how we can take the edge off for you. Keep reading to hear more, and then be sure to follow up and schedule your next appointment at Robert D. Moores, DDS!


Don’t Neglect Your Dental Needs


Why does any of this matter? Because your health is important. And we can tell you that it is always in your best interest to work through your fears and confront the reality of the situation in your mouth now before it has a chance to evolve into a much bigger mess that is more costly to clean up.


You see, when you don’t visit a dentist every 3-6 months, you will be missing out on the professional-grade cleanings that can keep disease and decay at bay. Plus, you won’t have a team of caregivers who are sufficiently in-tune with the situation in your mouth to be able to detect any emerging concerns like periodontal disease and cancer!


Consider this: even untreated cavities can deteriorate to the point where a root canal or extraction is required. This is the sort of thing that we want to help you steer clear of whenever possible. You have our word that if you are haunted by bad dental experiences from the past, we will do our best to create good memories moving forward.


Sedation Dentistry & Warm Blankets Will Help


Sometimes just having the right environment can help take away your dental anxiety. We work hard to make sure you are comfortable whenever you are here. You will always have access to blankets and pillows so you can rest warmly and comfortably in our chairs. Our patient rooms are semi-private, and we can even offer longer appointments so you don’t feel rushed. Doesn’t that sound like a welcome change?


Beyond that, our staff is known for being kind, compassionate, and accommodating. Still, if you find that you need a little bit more than that, we can extend to you all the benefits of sedation dentistry to help you put your fears to rest (literally, in some cases).


The oral sedation method of sedation entails a prescription sedative that our team will arrange for you to ingest, usually about an hour before your actual appointment is scheduled to take place. Oral sedation is very effective and will put you at ease for the duration of your visit. Just keep in mind: you will definitely need to line-up a ride home!


Relax! Dr. Moores Can Get You Back On Track!
Call our Paradise, CA dentist’s office today at 530-413-7002 to make your next appointment with Dr. Moores, or simply contact us online to get started.



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