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Netflix, Friends, And Oral Surgery

Oral surgery is relatively straightforward these days. At our Paradise, CA dental office, Dr. Moores has done many of these procedures countless times, from wisdom teeth removal to dental implants. But just because oral surgery’s routine here doesn’t mean it doesn’t have requirements. If you are considering oral surgery, here are some tips for what to do before your appointment and after.

Before Oral Surgery

  • Follow all pre-op instructions: Chances are, you will be given a list of instructions to follow before you come in for your surgery appointment. These must always be followed completely. If you have any questions about the list, please call us at 530-413-7002 so we can explain anything related to your surgery.
  • Fast or eat light meals: Depending on the type of oral surgery you will be having, you may need to avoid food or drink (not even water) for eight hours beforehand. However, some patients may eat a light meal a few hours before the surgery, especially if you have diabetes. Please check with Dr. Moores or our team if you have any questions or concerns about what to eat and drink.
  • Brush and floss like normal: Some people think they need to get their teeth super clean before coming to the dentist. While you should always brush and floss prior to any dentist appointment, don’t overdo it. Brush and floss just like you should normally.
  • Dress comfortably: There’s no reason to impress anyone at our Paradise, CA dental office with fashion, especially on the day of oral surgery. Instead, make sure you wear something comfortable and warm. You may be sitting in one of our chairs for a while, so you don’t want to wear tight-fitting or uncomfortable clothes that whole time. But if you are worried about being cold, rest assured that we have blankets to keep you warm.
  • Clean up around the house: You may be unable to do anything strenuous for a few days after your surgery, so it’s probably a good idea to clean up around your home before you head to your surgical appointment. Tidy up in your bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen so you don’t have to worry about that when you should be resting and healing.
  • Know what medications to take: If you have been prescribed any medicine, talk to Dr. Moores before your surgery to make sure you can take them like normal. Most prescriptions can be taken. But if you take a daily dose of aspirin for heart health, for example, you should not take that because it can thin your blood, making recovery time longer. But if Dr. Moores prescribed any oral sedation medication specifically for this surgery, of course you should take that before coming to visit us.
  • Get a ride to our office: You will not be able to drive home after your surgery, and you probably don’t want to leave your car here for days. The best bet is to get a family member or friend to drop you off at our Paradise, CA office.

After Oral Surgery

  • Get a ride home: As with getting a ride to our dental office, you will need someone to drive you home. Not only should you focus on resting, but any sedation you may have taken could still be in effect, making it dangerous to drive a car.
  • Prepare stuff to watch, read, or play: You will likely need 48 hours of rest after oral surgery. Again, every situation is a bit different, so that time could be a little shorter or longer. Either way, you are going to need stuff to keep you entertained in between naps. Make sure your Netflix subscription is working, get some books you’ve been meaning to read, buy a new video game, or do whatever you do to pass the time and relax.
  • Eat soft, bland foods: Your mouth will probably be very sore after the surgery, but you still need to eat and keep up your strength. That’s why you will need to stock your kitchen with foods that are soft and bland. Soft foods make sense, because your teeth and gums can be sore. But why bland food? Spicy and acidic foods can irritate your mouth and gums, which can prolong the healing process. Yogurt and applesauce are two great options. You can move on to semisoft foods as soon as you can chew them without pain.
  • Don’t smoke or drink with straws: Because you are likely to have stitches in your gums, you should avoid using a straw for a while. Sucking on a straw will put extra pressure on those stitches, and you could cause them to pop out accidentally. And since smoking has such a negative effect on your mouth and body, you should plan on not smoking for a while as well.
  • Use ice packs: It’s common to experience swelling in your jaw following surgery, and ice packs are probably the best way to reduce that swelling. Keeping the swelling down can also help the healing process.
  • Follow post-op instructions: As with pre-op instructions, Dr. Moores will likely give you a list of things to do (or avoid) following your surgery. Stick with these to the letter, and call us if you have any questions or concerns about anything on that list.

If you think you might need oral surgery for a tooth extraction, dental implant, or other reason, call us today at 530-413-7002 and we will be happy to answer your questions or schedule a new appointment.



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