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Mini Vs. Traditional Dental Implants

Your teeth have several jobs. Of course, they let you chew up food so you don’t starve. But they also help you talk and even affect how people look at you. Show off a beautiful smile, and people are going to like what they see. This is why losing a tooth is such a big deal. Even if the loss was planned (you had a tooth removed at our Paradise, CA office, for example), leaving that gap in your smile will negatively affect how you eat, how you talk, and the kind of reactions you get from people. And if you’re missing a lot of teeth, the problems get much worse.

Replacing your teeth should be a priority. That’s why Dr. Moores can offer dental implants to fill in the spaces and give you back a healthy, working mouth.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are replacements for missing teeth, which is why they’re sometimes called teeth implants. They typically have three parts:

  1. A titanium root: This is what gives implants such strength. An artificial tooth root is surgically implanted in the jawbone beneath where the now-missing tooth used to be. Titanium is used because this metal has a unique property that makes it compatible with your body and doesn’t make your immune system try to reject it. As you heal from the surgery, your jawbone fuses with the titanium root, holding it as securely as any of your other teeth.
  2. A replacement tooth: The artificial tooth that’s the whole point of this procedure is custom-made to fit your particular measurements. That means it will look natural, feel normal, and be shaped to replace the tooth that was lost. The replacement tooth is as strong and stain-resistant as any healthy tooth.
  3. An abutment: To properly connect the titanium root to the replacement tooth, Dr. Moores will use a connector called an abutment. This way, if the replacement tooth needs to be replaced for some reason, we won’t have to remove the titanium root that took a while to heal and properly fuse with the jawbone.

Then What Are Mini Implants?

In order for you to get a regular dental implant, you need a healthy amount of jawbone under the gap. You don’t want to implant a titanium root in the jaw if it will risk fracturing your jawbone or never fuse properly. Otherwise, there’s no point. So, why would the jawbone be unworkable? For some, the bone might be just naturally too thin to hold an implant safely. But the longer a jawbone goes without a root (real or titanium), the more it will begin to deteriorate. In other words, if you’ve had a missing tooth for many years, the bone might have gotten too weak.

Mini implants are much smaller than traditional dental implants, so they can often be placed in spots where the jaw is too thin or weak to hold a full-sized root.

What Are Implants Used For?

Regular dental implants are mostly used to replace a single lost tooth. If you lost a front tooth, and the jawbone is healthy, a dental implant is probably your best choice to replace the missing tooth and keep your jaw and mouth healthier.

At our Paradise, CA dental office, we use mini dental implants to hold onto dentures. Dentures might sold like old technology, but they are still around because they work great. Traditional dentures rely on the shape of the gum mold and a special, nontoxic dentures adhesive to stay in your mouth. These days, we can use mini implants to hold your dentures securely in place so they will never slide, move, or even fall out accidentally.

Which Is Best For Me?

Whether you should get a traditional implant or mini implants depends on several factors. The health of the bone tissue in your jaw can sometimes rule out traditional implants, but if you have the right bone underneath that spot, a conventional dental implant can be a great way to replace a missing tooth. Of course, if you need a full arch of teeth, dentures held by mini implants would be much less invasive than replacing each tooth individually. Ultimately, Dr. Moores will thoroughly examine your teeth and jaw, and together, you can both decide which is right for your dental health goals.

Whether you go with regular dental implants or our mini implants, you can restore your smile to its original, attractive state. Plus, with all of your teeth back, you can eat the foods you love. Call us today at 530-413-7002 to schedule your next appointment or ask any questions you may have about our dental implants.



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