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How Dental Sedation Helped Karen Get The Care She Needed

Here at the office of Robert D. Moores, DDS, we help patients get the care they need despite their dental fear or anxiety. That’s exactly what we did for Karen. In today’s blog, we would love to tell you about Karen, her situation, and how we were able to help her get the care she needed. Cases like Karen’s are not rare. If you are in a similar situation, please contact our team for help. We are here for you!

Without further ado, let’s get to the story:

Meet Karen

Karen is a middle-aged mother with two teenage sons. For years, she had avoided the dentist due to anxiety problems. Karen had a bad dental experience as a teenager and it had kept her from getting the care she needed for more than two decades. She knew her experience was probably not standard, but it created an anxiety in her nonetheless. So she simply avoided the dentist.

Why Karen Sought Help

Because Karen had avoided dental care for a number of years, she knew that her dental health was declining. However, she got a real wakeup call when she noticed that one of her teeth were hurting when she ate. Every time she chewed, she felt pain. She knew this was a bad sign and that she needed help. Fortunately, she knew a friend who loved her dental office and could help her get some of the information she needed. She decided to call her friend, Stella.

[ring, ring, ring]

“Hello? This is Stella speaking.”

“Hi Stella, it’s Karen. How are you?”

“Great! How’re the kids?” Still asked.

“They’re wonderful. But I’m not too great. I think I need to see a dentist.” Karen confesses.

“What going on?”

So Karen told her. “It hurts when I eat. Every time I chew, one of my teeth hurts.”

“Oh that’s not good. I can give you my dentist’s number if you want. Dr. Moores provides high-quality care and will make sure you’re completely comfortable.”

“Are you sure? I don’t want him to hurt me.”

“I promise. He’s very gentle and even has sedation! Let me find his number for you.”

Stella gave Karen the phone number and said goodbye. Karen called our office right away. She told us about her problem and we were able to fit her into our schedule very quickly with an assurance that she would be completely comfortable in our care.

Her First Appointment

When Karen arrived at our office, she was greeted by friendly faces and was made comfortable. We took X-rays and examined her mouth thoroughly. It was determined that she had an infection in the tooth that was hurting her. She needed a root canal. When we told her this, she was not too keen on the idea. But we assured her that we could perform the root canal without any stress or pain. We told her about oral conscious sedation. It would help her feel very relaxed and groggy so that she would be completely at ease.

Getting The Care She Needed

When the time came for her procedure, Karen was very nervous. But we were able to give her the sedation medication and help her feel comfortable. We also used a local anesthetic to make sure she felt no pain during the procedure. The procedure went smoothly without any complications … and Karen remained comfortable and stress-free.

Karen’s Happy Ending

Karen left our office content with the procedure and happy that she was no longer in pain! And guess what … she even comes back for regular visits now! We take extra special care to make sure she is relaxed and comfortable so that she can get the regular dental care she needs.

Make An Appointment

As you may have realized, Karen is not a real person. However, we work with patients just like Karen every day to help them get the care they need. If you are anxious or fearful due to a past experience or for any other reason, we would be happy to help you too. Simply call us at 530-413-7002 or request an appointment online. We look forward to working with you.



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