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How Dental Crowns Work Wonders

With royalty, a crown is worn on the head. That’s probably where this dental treatment got its name, because dental crowns are placed on top of a tooth. Essentially, these are caps made to fit snugly over an existing tooth. They are shaped and colored to look natural and healthy, and they will cover over and seal up any damaged areas.

However, a real crown just rests there and can be taken off easily. Not so with the dental crown, but that’s the point. A dental crown covers the visible part of your tooth (so, everything but the root) and is often cemented on. Crowns can be removed, but only by a dentist and only if there’s a big problem that needs to be fixed, such as treating an infection that has creeped into the tooth itself or replacing the crown due to wear and tear.

How Crowns Work Wonders

There are many reasons why a dental crown could work for you.

Bad cavities: If you have a small cavity, Dr. Moores can use a tooth-colored filling to repair the damage. First, he will remove any decayed enamel, and then he will use the restorative dentistry treatment to fill in or cover up the damaged area. This prevents continued decay while restoring the usefulness of the tooth. In other words, you can chew normally again. But there are times when tooth decay has been untreated for so long, any attempt to fill it would put too much pressure on the tooth. If a cavity is big enough, there’s just not enough healthy enamel left to hold onto the filling. In these cases, a dental crown works great. Not only will it cover over the damage and prevent future problems, but it also holds the tooth together so you can chew and drink normally.

Protect a weak tooth: Along the same lines, a tooth could become weakened by decay or infection. Your teeth are designed to withstand a lot of pressure, mostly because that’s what they do. Every time you bite down and eat, you’re smashing your teeth together. Healthy teeth can withstand such pressure. Sure, the enamel might get a bit worn over time, especially if you suffer from bruxism (teeth grinding). But teeth that have been weakened by big decay, several small spots of decay, or something similar might be at a high risk of cracking. Because a dental crown adds strength to a tooth, placing one on a weak tooth can make it strong again.

Restore a broken tooth: Yes, your teeth are tough. But that’s not the same thing as invulnerable. Accidents from sports or bad falls can crack or break a tooth. You wouldn’t want to ignore such damage, as it’s probably very painful. Worse, it’s not going to go away on its own. Such damage can expose the nerves inside of the tooth, meaning every single bite has the potential to be incredibly painful. A dental crown can repair such damage and protect the nerves from being touched, leading to pain-free chewing.

Hold a dental bridge: Missing a tooth is not just a bad thing to look at. It can make it harder to eat and increase your risk of gum disease or tooth decay in nearby teeth. That’s why getting a replacement tooth is usually recommended. A dental implant is a great choice, but some people don’t want it because it involves oral surgery. You also need a healthy amount of bone in your jaw to hold the implant. That’s why lots of people choose a dental bridge instead. This includes a replacement tooth custom-made for your smile, and it’s held in place by a pair of dental crowns placed on the teeth next to the gap.

Improve the look of a tooth: There are times when a single tooth (or several) just look bad. Maybe they are stained, or maybe they have a weird shape such as uneven sides or dark grooves. Since a dental crown will cover the visible part of the tooth, they can be used for cosmetic reasons alone. The crown is made to match the color of your healthy teeth, so it can quickly turn an eyesore in your smile into something that looks good but blends in with the rest of your teeth.

You don’t have to be royalty to get a dental crown. This treatment can quickly and painlessly restore damaged teeth and make them look great in the process. Call us today at 530-413-7002 to schedule your next appointment or ask any questions you may have about dental crowns.



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