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Our Preventive Dentistry Includes Athletic Mouthguards

While our Paradise, CA dentist’s office can’t prevent every possible injury, an athletic mouthguard from Robert D. Moores, DDS, can help protect your teeth from getting badly damaged while you are playing sports or working out. Our custom athletic mouthguards are properly fitted to your unique mouth to provide you with more protection than ...


The Truth About Toothpaste

Robert D. Moores, DDS, is the go-to place for preventive dental care in Paradise, CA. Our professional teeth cleanings, dental sealants, and comprehensive exams will help keep you smiling through every stage of life. But it will be up to you to maintain excellent home hygiene habits along the way. That’s why, today, we’d ...


Put An End To Your Headaches Today [PHOTO]

Welcome back to our blog! If you suffer from TMJ-related headaches, our Paradise, CA dentist’s office can help you to get some much needed relief. To hear more about our easy and effective solutions–including nightguards and dental splints, all you have to do is contact us to schedule your consultation with Dr. Moores. One ...


Sedation Dentistry Makes It Easy To Get The Care You Need

If you’ve been following this blog, you have likely heard us talk about how quickly we can put your fears to rest at our Paradise, CA dentist’s office. It’s no secret that at Robert D. Moores, DDS, we are proud to provide a welcoming environment that is staffed by friendly and knowledgeable folks. And ...


Our Tooth-Colored Fillings Can Save Your Smile [VIDEO]

The team here at Robert D. Moores, DDS, hopes that your Summer is going great and that you are remembering to drink lots of water and stay away from those tempting sodas and sugary seasonal treats so that you won’t have to come in for any restorative dentistry work this Fall! But, don’t worry, ...


This Summer Let Dr. Moores Makeover Your Smile

Ah, Summertime. There is so much to do and so much to see. But if your smile is in a less-than-pristine state, your social calendar could be cause for a good deal of stress and embarrassment. But don’t worry, if you want to look and feel great, all you have to do is visit ...


Have You Been To The Dentist’s Office In 2017? | Paradise, CA

Summer is here, which is great, but that also means that we are midway through 2017. And if you have not yet been able to visit to our Paradise, CA dentist’s office at least once, you are really missing out. You see, if you are fortunate enough to have dental insurance coverage, odds are ...


Dr. Moores’ Tips For Sensational Summer Smiles

  Ah, summertime in Paradise, CA. What’s not to love? There’s no shortage of live music, seasonal brew, outdoor grilling, fishing, hiking, camping, and so forth. Butte Creek Canyon offers some particularly breathtaking views this time of year, too. Just don’t have so much fun that you forget about your oral health needs! To ...


Professional Teeth Whitening Is A Great Smile-Enhancer

If you are ready to give your smile a big boost in time for summer, we can help! At our Paradise, CA dentist’s office, we can set you up with the ZOOM! Teeth Whitening method to reverse the effects of stains and yellowing on your formerly pearly whites. This is a professional-grade system that ...


What’s The Deal With Bruxism? [VIDEO]

In today’s video clip, Dr. Moores talks about the debilitating effects of Bruxism and TMJ-related issues and just how a qualified dentist can get you some relief. Be sure to check it out and then contact us to schedule your consultation in our Paradise, CA dentist’s office. We’ll help put a stop to your ...



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